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Vesselcom® ship communications systems, waterproof multi point intercoms, from Teleindustria with over 20 years of worldwide experience.

Marine Applications - Ships - Off - Shore Platforms - Small Vessels - Military - Yachts

VESSELCOM® is a simple Marine Talk-Back Intercom system, a cost-effective reliable professional intercom system designed for vessels and ships. Model VCS 300T provides direct point to point "Private" person to person or "Broadcast to all" 2-way communications from 2 to 11 stations.

The body is made by strong ALU light-alloy metal fusion.

A tough intercom system designed to exceed 20 years operational life in Wet, Dirty, Noisy, Harsh Environments.

All external parts, including push-buttons keypad, cable glands, connectors are stainless steel made (INOX) suitable for marine applications.

Internal microphone - PTT Push to Talk handheld - Multi Channel.

There is a built in integrated waterproof microphone and connector for an optional external hand-held microphone with integrated PTT button.

A volume control on the front panel of each station allows each operator to adjust the volume during a conversation. The volume cannot be reduced at zero, to assure the reception of incoming calls.

Each VCS 300T station can call any other station by one of the ten direct call buttons, establishing a two-way conversation, driven by the PTT (Push to Talk) button, good audio performance is assured especially useful in very noisy areas. The system has multi-channels, there is no limit to the number of conversations in progress at the same time.


Station Status Indicators - Broadcast on all - PA system interface.

Bright LEDs (Red, Green, Blue) display in real-time the status of all the stations on a network. A non-private "General" call can be originated by any intercom station by using the dedicated push-button CH-GEN, this allows the voice to be broadcast on all the intercom stations at the same time. Another dedicated push button PA/S is available to interface to an existing Public Address system.

Large Buttons and Loud Sounder

Large buttons are suitable for use by operators even wearing gloves. A powerful 5-watt internal loudspeaker can be adjusted up to 95dB(SPL), additionally remote external ringers and LED flashing beacons may be added for use in remote or very noisy areas such as the engine room.

Waterproof weather-proof Intercom (IP66), Shock and vandal proof (IK10).

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VCS 300T will work in the harshest of possible climate conditions, a wide operating temperature range -40 to +70 deg C.

Choice of colours

The VCS 300T standard colour is Grey, or a RAL colour of your choice: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Orange....

Power Supplies

The intercom stations VCS300T can be supplied directly at s 110/230Vac and/or at 24Vdc. If there is a failure of the 110/230Vac voltage, the intercom station automatically switches to the 24Vdc external UPS system (from emergency batteries).

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Intercoms for Marine and Wet Corrosive Industrial Applications.

Ships, Vessels, Yachts, Military Patrol, Oil Platforms, Power Stations, Dock Yards, Control Rooms,  Petro - Chemicals...

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