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Intrinsically safe telephones for mines and hazardous areas, from Teleindustria with over 20 years of worldwide experience.

Explosion Proof Telephone ATEX Zones 1 and 2 (II2GD - EEx emib IIC T5).
ATEX Group 1 Mine Telephones Loud Hailers


ATEX Telephone Group 1 - M2  

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Handsfree Telephone with full keypad and Electronic Speaker /Sounder.

Handsfree analogue telephone explosion proof and suitable for Mines. ATEX I M2 – IP66, Full telephone keypad, 8 memory autodial numbers.

Designed for high noise environments

Full Duplex electronics and a built-in noise cancelling microphone ensures clear speech in high noise environments with adjustable volume level for the loudspeaker.

Large Buttons and Loud Sounder

Large buttons are suitable for use by operators even wearing gloves. A loud electronic ringer with programmable sounds can be adjusted up to 95dB(SPL), additionally remote external ringers / repeaters and LED flashing beacons may be added for use in very noisy areas.

Voice Announcement's and or Voice Evacuation System.

Can be configured so that from any one station calls are sounded on all stations with a dedicated red emergency button.

The body is made of cast iron

The body is made by strong cast iron. All the external parts, including push-buttons keypad, cable glands made from stainless steel made (INOX) suitable for marine applications.

Waterproof telephone (IP66), Shock and vandal proof (IK10)

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This ultra-tough telephone is suitable to work in the harshest possible climate conditions with a wide operating temperature range -20 to +55 deg C.

Choice of colours any RAL Code

The AM-TLA326-A2A standard colour is orange(RAL2003) however you can also have: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Black or a custom colour of your choice.

Local and Remote PC Smart Diagnostics

It is equipped with the last generation smart telephone card XCS-91-30, with local audio test function to detect any possible fault of microphone and/or loudspeaker.

Automatic Fault Detection - TelDia Remote Software Access

The telephones are equipped with an automatic fault detection circuit, to monitor the state of the main devices including microphone and earphone / loudspeaker (audio test). Multiples of telephones can be remotely interrogated by using TelDia software with automatic reports generated.

Built in Relay's for local and remote door open or other actions

Optional Password /PIN activated internal relays for opening a door or alternative actions controlled from the phones keypad itself, additionally a remote user from another DMTF phone can call the phone and enter a PIN to remotely open a buildings door, sound an alarm, switch on a light etc.

ATEX Group 1 Mine Telephones Loud Hailers


Beacons, Ringers and Repeaters 



    AM-APC09             AM-SAX500T          AM-SSA450           AM-FEF100

AM-APC09 Explosion Proof Ringer Repeater. IP65 High sound level electronic bell. Solid aluminium case.

 AM-SAX500T Optical & Acoustic Repeater for Telephones or Alarms with Xenon flashing beacon

AM-SSA450 External Telephone Ringer Repeater. IP66

AM-FEF100 Explosion Proof Beacon. Waterproof IP66.

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Industrial Grade Telephones Explosion Proof ATEX Certified for Harsh Environments

Mines, Petrochemicals, Oil Platforms, Power Stations, Tunnels, Food and Chemicals...

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