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Stainless Steel Door Entry Telephones / Intercoms from Teleindustria with over 20 years of worldwide experience.

Control Rooms - Door Security - Gate Entry - Industrial - Hospitals - Food Production - Commercial Buildings - Office - Ports - Pharmaceuticals

A tough vandal-resistant door entry telephone constructed of stainless steel with rugged plastic water proof easy to clean membrane keypad. Support for up to 3 different internal DTMF Pin code remote control activated relays for door release and other functions. An additional dedicated control button can also be fitted.

Door Entry Telephone Intercom Door Release


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Suitable for High Noise Environments

Full duplex operation with noise filtering electronics ensures clear speech in high ambient noise areas of up to 80dB and higher to 90dB with an optional 12vdc power amplifier module.

Built in Relay's for local and remote door open or other actions

Optional Password /PIN activated internal relays for opening a door or alternative actions controlled from the phones keypad itself, additionally a remote user from another DMTF phone can call the phone and enter a PIN to remotely open a buildings door, sound an alarm, switch on a light etc.

Extended Keypad Functions
  • LED flashing indication of incoming calls
  • Redial last number
  • 8 numbers stored memory buttons
  • Volume adjustment during conversation
  • Up to 3 Remote Internal Control Relays can be fitted. E.G.
  • Remote door / gate open
  • External warning sounder
  • Switch on a light
  • Switch CCTV Camera on
Smart Fault Detection

Equipped with the last generation of analogue telephone cards SmartWK, provides automatic fault detection (periodical auto test of microphone and loudspeaker) a Blue Blinking LED indicates the detection of a fault and is fully compatible with our remote diagnostic PC software TelDia®.

Waterproof weather-proof telephone (IP66), Shock and vandal proof (IK10)

This telephone is suitable to work in the harshest of possible climate conditions with a wide operating temperature range -40 to +70 deg C.


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