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TLL3000® Page Party-Line Intercoms System

Weather-Proof and Vandal-Resistant Communications

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AM-TLL3000® Page Party-Line Intercoms System

AM-TLL3000 is a Heavy Duty Industrial Intercom System that the functions like "Page Party-Line Intercom Systems", however, the system does not require centralised governance or a switching cabinet.


Built for Uncompromising Environments

A tough and robust Intercom system for Harsh Industrial Environments where reliability is a necessity. The system is designed to function within, but not limited to uncompromising environments, such as; Petrochemical and Energy Production, The AM-TLL3000 is designed specifically for telephone conversation and zonal or plant amplifying through loud speakers. The wiring is repeated several times and connected with simple multi-pair telephone cables (see diagram).


The Intercom Station is equipped with a simplified keypad consisting of large push-to-talk buttons - L1, L2, L3, L4, CG (General Call), SC (Control Room). Each device can page to all speakers on the system whilst ensuring there is no "Larsen Effect" (acoustic feedback), even when the conversation is initiated from one of the four party-line intercoms Points. Further speakers can be introduced to ensure zonal or plant wide conferencing can be heard. The telephones are equipped with LEDs to indicate channel availability and the unique technical construction ensures reliability without requirement for central governance or a switchboard, this reduces the risk of technical fault causing complete system to failure.

Integration into Networks

The AM-TLL300 allows for easy connection and to interface with other technical systems, such as: Fire & Gas, GA & PA, iPABX & PABX, PSTN or CCTV. AM-TLL3000 also incorporates the local test function (audio test of microphone and speaker) and is compatible with the software TelDia®.

TelDia® Remote Diagnostics PC Software

Telephones manufactured by TeleIndustria are designed for local and self-test software and interface with remote diagnosis TelDia®. Teldia PC Software provides automated remote fault monitoring and alerts where you can set schedules to automatically test all the phones on the network and generate management reports, also the ability to upgrade or change technical parameters.

Systems Designed to Meet your Business Requirements

Because every business requirement is unique, unfortunately, it is not always possible to provide a comprehensive solution through content on our website. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about our services, we will be happy to investigate your requirement and provide a solution.

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