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Red Emergency Telephones Off Hook Autodial, Watertight Sealed Door

AM-TEL700 Red Handset off hook dial industrial telephones

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700 series Red Weatherproof Industrial Telephones from AcornTel -Teleindustria


Red emergency services auto dial telephones with door and remote monitoring - Analogue or SIP VoIP versions. This is the smart without keypad version.

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Red telephone weather-proof with sealed door for internal or external outside use

TEL700 Red telephones are used for instant direct call to the Emergency Services or Security Control Rooms by just lifting the telephones handset " Off Hook". They are used as Fire Evacuation phones or to initiate a Fire Alarm. They can also be configured to form Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems using our Ocean and Golena Point to Points communication systems.

  • Handset off hook autodials stored number e.g. 999
  • Redundancy Features: Additional handsfree emergency call buttons can be added
  • Self fault monitoring - local and remote
  • Sequence autodial a series of numbers (up to 8) if first does not answer then it phones the next...
  • Remote diagnostics monitoring software
  • Remote control relays can be installed. Remote and local with additional buttons e.g.
  • Electric door entry release / open a gate
  • External warning sounder
  • Initiate a fire alarm
  • Up to 3 internal relays can be fitted

Watertight Telephones Yellow Red Orange Black Grey

Enclosed door telephones colours: Yellow, Red, Orange, Grey, or Black.

700 Series Red Emergency Call Telephones offer proven high reliability of operation with Redundancy Features. When a emergency situation or disaster occurs and people's lives are at risk, it is vitally important the emergency telephones are fully functional, ready to communicate a vital the call for help.

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Heavy duty robust die cast alloy body, shock, vibration, vandal to IK10 standard.

Designed for use for both internal and external use in Dusty, Wet, Corrosive, Noisy, Harsh Environments but also in buildings and public locations.

Equipped with a solid aluminium handset coupled to a stainless-steel handset's cord that can resist a pulling force of over 200kg. Stainless steel internal panel push-buttons, screws, cable glands are of stainless steel.

There is an option of a Nylon handset with embedded push-button for muting the microphone, this can also be used in conjunction with internal relay's to open or close doors, switch on further ringers, fire alarm sounders, make an tannoy announcement or whatever...

Weatherproof red telephone with door sealed enclosure(IP66).

From the desert to the Artic, 700 Series are designed for use in adverse temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 deg C.

Strong Vandal Proof Handset Loud Internal Ringer Sounder

The telephones ringer offers a choice of sounds and internal level adjustment up or down up to 95dB(SPL), additional external ringers / repeaters and LED flashing beacons for use where high ambient noise is present.

Auto Self-Monitoring

A continuous bright blue LED light on the front panel indicates the telephones operational state fully functional no faults, this includes periodic audio test tones thus ensuring the integrity of handset cord, microphone and earpiece. No blue light indicates there is a fault, as an option this LED can be fitted on the outside of the housing.

Remote Diagnostics Monitoring - TelDia Remote PC Software Access

From the convenience of your desktop Windows PC with TelDia PC software you can schedule daily tests automatically on all the 700 Series telephones on your network up to 1000's.

Handset and Handsfree Operation

Model AM-TEL700TV has a built-in microphone and speaker that provides additional handsfree operation even if a handset is missing or out of service. Full-Duplex electronic circuits enable crisp clear conversations to take place in high ambient noise situations.

Internal Relay's.

Up to 3 internal relays can be installed within the telephone itself and additional control buttons for local control. Remote users can dial the phone and enter PIN codes from their telephone keypad for remote commands. E.G. door / gate open or close, sound an alarm, switch on a camera / light etc.

Red Emergency Telephones Waterproof Flush Mounted or Surface Mounted.

CE Marked. Conforms to: EN-60951-1; EN-50121-4; CE121-RT-001-1; EN-60529. Railway approved versions.

Caravan Parks, Hospitals, Office Blocks, Power Stations, Tunnels, Mining, Military, Dockyards, Ships, Airports, Factories, Universities, Food and Chemicals... E.U. Manufacturer: Teleindustria, Milan. 3 Years Warranty.


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