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TI4000® Page Party-Line Intercom System

Industrial Multi-Point Intercoms

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AM-TI4000® Page Party-Line Intercom System

A flexible and cost-effective Page Party-Line Intercom with simple integration into your existing analogue telephone system.

No Manufacturer and Origin Restriction, No Need to Purchase a Completely New Telephone System!

The AM-TI4000 intercom system performs the functions of a modern "Page Party-Line" intercom system, however, it is possible to connect analogue telephone systems, regardless of manufacturer or origin, without the need to purchase a completely new telephone system.


Six Party Channel Functionality

One system sub-rack can host up to 30 users through 6 dedicated channels and can be connected to multiple sub-racks in-order to meet capacity requirements. The Main TI4000 cabinet can associate with PA (Public Address) Systems, the functionality allows all users to directly address through the loudspeakers, for plant-wide or zone selected paging.

Direct Communication and Conference Calls

The user can directly communicate through any party channel by entering a code on the keypad or can contact multiple users in a conference call through one channel. The system provides the user with a pre-recorded message to indicate channel availability. The AM-TI4000 can interface to any existing Public Address Systems (PA, PA & GA).

Use of Existing Analogue Telephones

Among the advantages of this network is the possibility of simple integration into existing telephone networks with common analogue telephones systems, this provides cost savings and flexibility where redundancy with Intercom / PABX is a requirement.

TelDia® Remote Diagnostics PC Software

Telephones manufactured by TeleIndustria are designed for local and self-test software and interface with remote diagnosis TelDia®. Teldia PC Software provides automated remote fault monitoring and alerts where you can set schedules to automatically test all the phones on the network and generate management reports, also the ability to upgrade or change technical parameters.

Systems Designed to Meet your Business Requirements

Because every business requirement is unique, unfortunately, it is not always possible to provide a comprehensive solution through content on our website. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about our services, we will be happy to investigate your requirement and provide a solution.

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Beacons, Ringers and Repeaters 



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AM-FEF100 Explosion Proof Beacon. Waterproof IP66.

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