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Aluminium Intercoms from Teleindustria with over 20 years of worldwide experience

Control Rooms - Door Security - Gate Entry - Industrial - Hospitals - Food Production - Commercial Buildings - Office - Ports - Pharmaceuticals

OCEAN® (One Channel Analog Enhanced Network) is a professional range of direct connection intercom systems, built to function within the toughest of environments.

A wide range of OCEAN products can be easily integrated into one network, this provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, even for the most complex requirements.

A tough vandal-resistant intercom constructed of Aluminium with a graphic retro-illuminated display. The intercom provides the user with handsfree PTT conversation and is suitable for high noise areas.

Master shock-proof Aluminium Intercom  

AM-OCS487TD Master Station

Suitable for High Noise Environments

Noise filtering electronics ensures clear speech in high ambient noise areas of up to 80 dB and higher to 90 dB with an optional 12vdc power amplifier module.

Extended Functions
  • 1 LCD graphic, retro-illuminated Screen (128x64 pixel)
  • Red and Green LEDs indicating the Tx and Rx condition
  • 16 button keypad with multi-functions (sse PDF),
  • Call any other station by entering a two digit number
  • General Call (paging) on all the stations by dedicated push-button “GC”
  • Push-to-Talk mode for high quality conversations in high noisy areas (up to 90dB)

Waterproof Weather-Proof Telephone (IP66), Shock and Vandal Proof (IK10)

This telephone is suitable to work in the harshest of possible climate conditions with a wide operating temperature range -40 to +60 deg C.

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