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Industrial Multi-Point Intercoms

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Ocean® Point to Point Intercoms Systems

OCEAN® (One Channel Analog Enhanced Network) is a professional range of direct connection intercom systems, built to function within the toughest of environments.

A wide range of OCEAN products can be easily integrated into one network, this provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, even for the most complex requirements.

Master Stations
master communication intercom telephone systems


Noise Cancelling Circuits

OCEAN systems are very simply connected together without need for a centralised system. OCEAN simply connects with (OMNIBUS 2x06.5mm) telephone cable, the noise filtering electronics ensures clear speech in high ambient noise areas of upto 80 dB and higher to 90 dB with an optional 12vdc power amplifier module.

Suitable for High Noise Areas

The Push-To-Talk Function provides clear communication to master stations (>90DBP), with Integrated Loud Speakers (5W) and Audio Amplifiers (15w), OCEANs are built to function within extremely busy and noisy industrial environments.

Suitable for Extreme and Adverse Conditions

  • Waterproof / Weather-Proof (IP66)
  • High Impact Shock and Vandal proof (IK10)
  • Functionality Maintained at -40°C to +40°C up to 98% Humidity


Call Functionality and Operating range

Master Intercoms will page directly to individual intercoms or call a group of intercoms within the network. Slave Stations consist of a simple Push-to-Talk Button, this function gives the user direct communication with the Master Station.

The maximum length of a Ocean Network is up to 15km from point to point.

Master Gooseneck Intercom with Slaves Stations
slave communication intercom telephone systems

OCEAN Intercoms Product Range

Master Stations

AM-OCS160TD - Desk Mounted with Gooseneck Telephone Intercom

AM-OCS487TD - Wall Mounted Aluminium Intercom

AM-OCS246TD - Flush Mounted Stainless-Steel Intercom (wall mounted option now available)

AM-OCS600TD - Wall Mounted with handset (made from GRP)

AM-OCS250T -   Wall Mounted, Made for Clean Rooms and Sterile Areas

AM-OCS325M1 - ATEX Explosion Proof Handsfree Intercom

Slave Stations

AM-OCS160M1 - Desk Mounted with Gooseneck Telephone Intercom

AM-OCS487M1 - Wall Mounted Aluminium Intercom

AM-OCS246M1 - Flush Mounted Stainless-Steel Intercom (wall mounted option now available)

AM-OCS600M1 - Wall Mounted with handset (made from GRP)

AM-OCS250M1 - Wall Mounted, Made for Clean Rooms and Sterile Areas

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OCEAN System Full Specifications

OCEAN Systems come with a 3 years Manufacturers Warranty

sterile areas intercom telephone with door

Clean Room Intercoms                            600 GPR Wall / Pole mounted Intercoms

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CE Symbol

Beacons, Ringers and Repeaters 


beacon ringer repeater howler industrial intercom

    AM-APC09             AM-SAX500T          AM-SSA450           AM-FEF100

AM-APC09 Explosion Proof Ringer Repeater. IP65 High sound level electronic bell. Solid aluminium case.

AM-SAX500T Optical & Acoustic Repeater for Telephones or Alarms with Xenon flashing beacon

AM-SSA450 External Telephone Ringer Repeater. IP66

AM-FEF100 Explosion Proof Beacon. Waterproof IP66.

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