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TelDia® Remote Diagnostics Fault Alarm Notification and Status Reports, from Teleindustria with over 20 years of worldwide experience.

Easy to Set UP and Use PC Graphical Software
Automatically Test all Telephones, Call Points on a Network

TelDia software is designed for use with Teleindustria's latest generation of Smart Industrial Telephones and Call Points. The PC software provides operators with an easy to use graphical interface and a database of all phones on a network from 1 to 1000's.

Automatic Scheduled Daily Testing

Provides a full functional test status of all phones on the network including disconnection and all components: internal board, keyboard, hand set cord, microphone and speaker by audio test tone verification. Ancillaries such as remote ringers and flashing beacons can be tested too.

Fault Alarms

If a phone develops a fault or is vandalized an alarm will be sent to the operators TelDia workstation identifying the actual phone by model and location.

Remote Configuration

Remote configuration, change parameters such as group, ID or extension number or auto dial number, update software.

Automatic Reports

The results of the automatic tests are graphically displayed and copied to Microsoft Excel® files.

Save Time and Money

If you still manually testing phones? save the expensive costs of sending a person to manually test each phone and ensure all functionality is tested.

Ensure 100% operational safety and compliance

What's the point of having an emergency telephone if it is unavailable due to a fault or vandalism  you need to ensure that you are compliant with operational requirements.

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Industrial Telephone Fault Monitoring

Manufacturing, Production, Oil Platforms, Power Stations, Railway Underground, Tunnels Mining, Dockyards, Ships, Airports Factories, Gates and Turnstiles, Car Parks, Taxi Ranks, Office Buildings, Security Control Rooms, Hospitals, Universities, Caravan Parks, Recreation and Leisure, Clean Rooms, Food and Chemicals...