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Industrial Telephone Acoustic Hoods Booths UK

AM-BTA5/A Stainless Steel ACOUSTIC HOOD, from Teleindustria with over 20 years of worldwide experience

Telephone Acoustic Hood Stainless Steel, for Industrial and wet corrosive environments.

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Wall or Post Mounted Acoustic Hood
The body is made of INOX stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316

This is a tough high-quality telephone booth for use in high noise environments and buildings where private conversations can take place without being over heard by others.

Practical and functional robust design

The AM-BTA5/A Stainless Steel Acoustic Booth designed for installation in industrial high ambient noise environments also for extreme temperatures and is fire retardant. For use in sterile areas such as pharmaceuticals and food production, hospitals, factories, heavy industry, marine areas, Off-Shore and On-Shore, attenuation up to -23dB(SPL)

Optional Shelf

Can be fitted with a shelf to store a directory or pad to take notes.

Choice of colours any RAL Code

BTA5A is available as an option of a custom colour of your choice.


Industrial Grade Acoustic Hoods For Harsh Environments and Commerce

Manufacturing, Production, Oil Platforms, Power Stations, Railway Underground, Tunnels Mining, Dockyards, Ships, Airports Factories, Gates and Turnstiles, Car Parks, Taxi Ranks, Office Buildings, Security Control Rooms, Hospitals, Universities, Caravan Parks, Recreation and Leisure, Clean Rooms, Food and Chemicals...

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