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APC9 Explosion Proof Telephone Line Ringer Repeaters

AM-AP9C Available Versions

  • AM-AP9C-IM16 Basic version with impedance 16Ω for direct connection
  • AM-AP9C-TC2 with adapter transformer for connection to standard "100V" lines. Power connection sockets are available
  • AM-AP9C-AM3 with integrated audio class D amplifier, suitable for 0dB-600Ω audio input. Requires 24Vcc power supply
  • AM-AP9C-RT3 Acoustic alarm device with integrated telephone interface and 8 melodies selectable by DIP-Switch

Explosion Proof Ringer Repeaters IP66 High sound level electronic bell. Solid aluminium case.

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Explosion Proof Telephone Ringer Repeater - Loud Hailer Sirens, from Teleindustria with over 20 years of worldwide experience.

EEx ATEX II2GD IP66 Flashing Beacon

Telephone Ringing Alert

The APC9 explosion-proof acoustic external ringer / loud hailer repeater is designed to provide high sound level ringing to notify workers in noisy areas that a telephone is ringing. At normal operating conditions provides a modulated signal sound level of 106- 118dB (SPL) at 1 meter.

A perfect telephone external ringer to work in conjunction with our Series 569 explosion proof telephones, the telephone interface is also suitable for any analogue telephone line (PABX, PSTN, ATA / FXS) of any manufacturer and can be easily used in conjunction with our series FEF 100 Flashing Beacon Lights. They require external power 230vac/or 24vdc

Audible Siren Alarm Alert

APC9 can be used as a standalone loud audible siren alarm to alert personnel and warn of danger.

Model AP9C-AM1-15L-A4/GT is equipped an additional tones generator XCS-53-10-A1 capable to generates various alarm tones:

  • Siren 450Hz - 700Hz
  • Fast On/Off 450Hz - 700Hz
  • Slow On/Off 450Hz - 700Hz
  • Fast Whoop 450Hz - 700Hz
  • Slow Whoop 450Hz - 700Hz
The body is made by strong ALU light-alloy metal fusion

A tough vandal-resistant telephone ringer /loud hailer /siren designed to exceed 20 years operational life in Wet (IP66), Dirty, Noisy, Harsh Industrial Environments.

Choice of colours any RAL Code

The FEX100 standard colour is orange(RAL2003) however you can also have: Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Black or a custom colour of your choice.

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Industrial Grade Flashing Beacons and Loud Speakers / Loud Hailers for Harsh Environments.

Petrochemicals, Oil Platforms Aggregates Cement and Ash felt, Power Stations, Railway Underground, Tunnels Mining, Dockyards, Ships, Airports Factories, Gates and Turnstiles, Car Parks, Taxi Ranks, Office Buildings, Security Control Rooms, Hospitals, Universities, Caravan Parks, Recreation and Leisure, Clean Rooms, Food and Chemicals...

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