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 Sound Powered Telephones

  Weatherproof Emergency Industrial Telephones with door

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INDUSTRIAL approved Sound Powered Telephones, from Teleindustria with over 20 years of worldwide experience. The telephones with GRP or Aluminium insulated body are designed to exceed 20 years in uncompromising environments

sound powered industrial emergency telephones transmition without power supply

No Power Required

Sound Powered Telephones are equipped with high efficiency and dynamic sound-powered capsules, this enables operation without need for an internal or external power source. The telephones generate power when the user speaks directly through the handset. The handset can be equipped with a Speech Conveyor to maximise the efficiency of the microphone when installed within noisy or windy environments.

Calls Functionality

The telephone generates 300÷2000Hz frequency through use of the hands-generator, this is suitable for transmitting to a centralised switching unit, or directly to another sound powered receiver.

The switching hook of the handset is magnetic without moving parts, therefore, reliability is guaranteed. The telephones can be wired to send and receive calls, or in such a way that it will only call outbound.

Operational Capability

The receiving capsule can work as a ringing bell from a distance of up to 10km with telephone cable, or from 20-25km when installed with high quality cable. The telephones are capable to network with all other sound-powered telephone manufactured by Teleindustria and may be compatible with other similar sound-powered telephones.

Professional heavy-duty industrial weather-proof IP66 telephone
Tough vandal-resistant telephones, designed to exceed 20 years operational life in Wet, Dirty, Noisy, Harsh Industrial Environments. This telephone is weather-proof IP66 even when door is open. The door is to prevent dirt and dust ingress as well as for security.
Ip66 and EU symbol
Model AM-TLM703

The phone is enclosed within a highly insulated aluminium body, designed for operational temperatures ranging from -30 to +70 deg. C.

The handset made of (ALU) Aluminium, is available in red or black. The cord (INOX) Stainless Steel is calculated to resist a pulling force of over 200kg, however optional extendable plastic cord (1-2 metres) is available.

Model AM-TLM603

The non-corrosive insulated GRP body is made using SMC moulding technology, designed for operational temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 deg. C, in corrosive uncompromising environments. The door also retains it's IP66 rating when open.

A highly insulated GRP body and handset made of (ALU) Aluminium and Stainless Steel flexible cord is calculated to resist a pulling force of over 200kg, however optional extendable plastic cord is available.

Choice of Colours any RAL Code

Series Sound Powered Telephone standard colour available from stock is grey RAL7030, however you can also have: Red, Yellow, Grey, Black, Orange or a custom colour of your choice. The telephone can be supplied without any logo on the front of the door or with any standard symbol or logo chosen by the customer.