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Industrial Telephones Enclosed Sealed Door Analogue and VoIP

700 Series Telephones with Fault Monitoring Handset and Hands Free

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700 series Industrial Enclosed Telephones from AcornTel -Teleindustria

The full range of 700 Series Telephones conform to EN61000 - EN60529 - EN62262 - EN60068 - EN50155, IP66 and IK10.

Industrial telephone watertight with sealed door for external outside use
  • 8 telephone numbers fast dial memory's
  • Self-fault monitoring - local and remote
  • IP 66 Weatherproof Telephone Enclosure with sealed door
  • Remote diagnostics monitoring software

  • Pin Number Relay Controlled Functions
    Remote and local e.g.
  • Electric door entry release / open a gate
  • External warning sounder
  • Switch on a light / Open a hopper
  • Up to 3 internal relays can be fitted

Watertight Telephones Yellow Red Orange Black Grey

Enclosed door telephones colours: Yellow, Red, Orange, Grey, or Black.

Heavy duty robust die cast alloy body, shock, vibration, vandal resistant to IK10 standard

700 Series Telephones provide proven high reliability of operation for Industrial and Emergency telephone communications for external use in Wet, Corrosive, Dirty, Noisy, Harsh Environmental Conditions.

Equipped with a solid aluminium handset coupled to a stainless-steel handset's cord that can resist a pulling force of over 200kg. Stainless steel internal panel push-buttons, screws, cable glands are of stainless steel.

An optional plastic handset has a counter sunk push-button for muting the microphone, but can also be used or for remote control actions such as; open a door, switch on ringer repeaters, alarm sounders, make an announcement or switch on a light etc.

IK10 and IP66 logo

Weatherproof telephone with door sealed enclosure(IP66)

700 Series are designed for use in adverse temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 deg C.

Large Buttons and Loud Internal Ringer Sounder

The telephones keypad can be operated by persons wearing gloves or for operators with poor eyesight. The ringer can be set for different melodies with sound level adjustment up or down up to 95dB(SPL), additional external ringers / repeaters and LED flashing beacons can be specified for use in high ambient noise zones.

700 Series provide intelligent fault monitoring, bright blue LED light indicates all is well no electronic component faults, this also includes auto audio testing the handset cord, microphone and earpiece.

Remote Diagnostics Monitoring - TelDia Remote PC Software Access

From the convenience of your desktop Windows PC with TelDia PC software you can schedule daily tests automatically on all the 700 Series telephones on your network up to 1000's.

Handset and Handsfree Operation

Model AM-TEL700TV has a built-in microphone and speaker that provides additional handsfree operation even if a handset is missing or out of service. Full-Duplex electronic circuit enables crisp clear conversations to take place in high ambient noise situations.

Telephone Keypad controlled Internal Relay's

Up to 3 internal relays can be installed within the telephone itself. Both local or remote users can enter PIN codes via telephone keypad for remote actions. E.G. door / gate open, sound an alarm, switch on a camera / light etc.

TLA 700 M1 Red Emergency Telephones Watertight Sealed Door

AM-TEL700M0 Red Emergency telephone with red handset, off hook auto dial watertight IP66 sealed door available with an emergency handsfree press to call button as well as handset (provides redundancy and provides for disabled people). A full keypad can also be specified. Analogue or SIP VoIP connectivity.

PDF Icon Analogue  PDF Icon  VoIP

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IP66 and IK10 logos

Industrial Telephones with Sealed Door IP66 Weatherproof Analogue or SIP VoIP.

Factories, Manufacturing, Power Stations, Tunnels, Mining, Military, Dockyards, Ships, Airports, Universities, Food and Chemicals... E.U. Manufacturer: Teleindustria, Milan. 2 Years Warranty.

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