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457 series of Industrial telephones from AcornTel -Teleindustria

For when you need tough reliable Industrial telephones - Analogue or SIP VoIP

Industrial telephones available in colours: Yellow, Red, Orange, Grey, and Black.
The body is a cast ALU light-alloy metal

A robust telephone designed to exceed 20 years operational life in Wet, Dirty, Noisy, Harsh Industrial Environments.

The tough body is complimented by a strong solid aluminium handset and stainless-steel handset's cord can resist a pulling force of over 200kg. All components including push-buttons, screws, cable glands are of stainless steel.

Weather-proof telephone (IP66), Shock and Vibration (IK10)

457 Series operate over a wide operating temperature range -40 to +70 deg C. There is an optional (noryl) handset fitted with push-button that can be used for muting the microphone or other control functions using optional internal relays. e.g. switch on additional sounders to make an announcement or switch on a light etc.

Large Buttons and Loud Ringer Sounder

Operators even wearing gloves can use the telephones keypad. An electronic ringer with different sounds can be adjusted up or down for the location up to 95dB(SPL), additional external ringers / repeaters and LED flashing beacons for use in high noise areas can be supplied.

Series 457 utilizes smart technology for fault monitoring with a blue LED light indication of a fault and remote fault diagnostics audio test function to detect any possible fault of microphone and/or earpiece.

Automatic Fault Detection - TelDia Remote PC Software Access

All the "457 Series" have an automatic fault detection circuit, to monitor the state of the main components. Multiples of telephones can be remotely scheduled to be automatically tested using TelDia PC software this also automatically generates status reports for all of the telephones on the network.

The industrial metal telephone for heavy duty use
Handset removed or damaged??

Model AM-TEL457TV provides additional handsfree operation even when a handset is missing or out of service. Full-Duplex electronics ensures clear conversations in noisy environments.

Internal Relay's for local and remote door open or other actions

Up to 3 internal relays PIN number activated can be fitted. Both local or remote users can enter PIN codes via the telephone keypad for actions such as electric door open release, sound an alarm, switch on a light etc.

CE Marked. Conforms to:EN61000 – EN60529 – EN62262 - EN50155 – EN60068.
IP66 waterproof Telephones
Telephones for Industrial Applications

Manufacturing Plants, Aggregates Cement and Ash felt, Power Stations, Railway Underground, Tunnels Mining, Dockyards, Ships, Airports Factories, Gates and Turnstiles, Office Buildings, Security Control Rooms, Hospitals, Universities, Caravan Parks, Food and Chemicals...

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