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Series 250 Clean Room Telephones - Intercoms - Ringer Repeaters from Teleindustria.

Clean Rooms - Wet Rooms - Hospitals - Food Production - Pharmaceuticals - Industries

waterproof Clean Room Telephone and Intercom UK Clean Room Waterproof Handsfree Telephone for Wall Mounting

 AM-TEL250T -  Flush Mounted     |   AM-TEL250T - Surface Mounted in Stainless Steel Frame Box                                                                                 

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A waterproof clean room telephone with a tough plastic membrane keypad

Smooth Autotex®AM front plate WASHABLE and DECONTAMINABLE to ISO 14644-1 class 5 standards.

Designed specifically for clean rooms and sterile areas, has a full function handsfree telephone with keypad and intercom with 2 numbers memory. Local and remote electric door lock release by PIN number or other DTMF remote telephone. Analogue and SIP VoIP versions.

The AM-TEL250T is easy to clean and sterilize and is IP67 water and ingress protected and with an operating temperature range -20 to +60 deg C. Can be Flush mounted or surface mounted by using the optional mounting box.

Full Duplex Handsfree and Loud Sounder

Suitable for use in high ambient noise areas often found in clean rooms the internal electronics to 85dB(SPL) provide clear speech. Optional Loudspeaker Booster Amplifier 12volts dc power required. Further remote ringers / repeaters with adjustable sound level up to 110dB along and a bright flashing LED can be added in parallel.

Analogue or SIP VoIP versions

The analogue version is powered from the telephone line, the SIP VoIP version by 5vdc or 12vdc (option).

Up to 3 off internal switching Relay's for local and remote door open or other actions.

The relays can be activated by PIN number for opening a door or alternative actions controlled from the phones keypad itself, remote operators from other DMTF phones can remotely open a buildings door, sound an alarm, switch on a camera or light etc.

Local and Remote PC Smart Diagnostics

Series 250 is supplied with an automatic local audio test function to detect any possible faults of all the elecronics including microphone and sounder.

TelDia PC Remote Software and Access

Multiples of Teleindustria telephones can be remotely monitored for operational status and software updates or configurations from a Windows PC running TelDia software which includes daily scheduled testing with automatic reports generated.

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