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Series 146 Robust Wall Mounted Telephones

For Noisy Industrial or sterile environmen Environments

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Series 146 Aluminium Front Panel with Stainless Steel Body Analogue or SIP VoIP Telephones for Rugged Environments

Non-Corrosive Industrial Telephone - Robust Telephone for Factories and Warehouses - Easy Clean Telephones for Hospitals and Sterile Areas - Vandal Resistant Telephones  -  Stainless Steel Telephone for Food Production

Stainless Steel Telephones Waterproof Corrosion Proof

AM-TEL146TS - Analogue and VoIP

Entry Telephone with Keypad

Full keypad and 8 memories. PIN number door open relay. Wall mounted.

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A heavy-duty telephone designed for noisy and rugged industrial environments

The body is made of steel, front panel and handset machined from solid aluminium complemented by a tough stainless-steel handset cord. The 146 series telephone for surface mounted application is available with a full telephone keypad consisting of FN functionality, or without a keypad, for autodialling pre-stored numbers.

Waterproof Proof (IP42) and Shock Proof (IK08)

This telephone is available in analogue or SIP VoIP with operating temperature range -20 to +55 deg. C. A magnetic hook and solid steel handset cord (200kg resistance) proves outstanding protection in rugged environments.

Large Robust Buttons

The rugged keypad compromising of large buttons, is suitable for application whilst wearing gloves. Made from durable plastic and designed to retain its complexity, even when subject to repetitive industrial cleaning.

Extended and Optional Functions:
  • Autodial of up to 8 pre-stored numbers
  • Door Opening Relay - password / pin activated
  • Relay for Repetition, of incoming calls
  • Self Fault Monitoring - local and remote
  • Compatible with / Teldia - remote monitoring and diagnostics software
Loud Sounder for Noisy Environments

A loud electronic telephone ringer with programmable sounds can be adjusted up to 90dB(SPL), additional remote external ringers and LED flashing beacons may be added for use in very noisy areas.

Choice of colours

The standard finish is stainless steel with black handset. However, we can supply the

ral colours available

146 series telephones in: Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Black Orange. RAL paint codes.
Local and Remote PC Smart Diagnostics

146 is equipped with the last generation smart telephone card with local audio test function to detect any possible fault of microphone and/or earpiece.

Automatic Fault Detection - TelDia Remote Software Access
Built in Relay's for local and remote control Password /PIN activated for up to 3 internal relays can be used for opening a door or alternative actions controlled from the phones keypad itself, additionally a remote user from another DMTF phone can enter a PIN to remotely operate an electric door release, switch on a camera, light etc.

 "Series 146 " telephones have an automatic fault detection circuit, to monitor the operational state including microphone and earphone (audio test). Multiples of telephones can be remotely  managed  using TelDia PC software  and can generate automatic fault reports or be used for remote programming.

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