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    Weatherproof - Vandal Proof - ATEX Explosion Proof - Solar Powered.

    AcornTel is proud to be Milan based Teleindustria's UK Partner providing direct sales and technical support. Teleindustria has over 20 years design and manufacturing experience supplying affordable but "SMART" reliable Industrial Telecoms products. FREE DEMONSTRATIONS - We look forward to being of service to you.

    Products Showcase

    700 Series Weatherproof Telephones IP 66, vandal proof phones with telephone enclosure

    Industrial Telephones

    700 Aluminium Series weatherproof analog and VoIP telephones in sealed door enclosure, analogue or IP. Internal relays PIN code activated for remote door open. Robust design built to exceed 20 years operational life. Remote Monitoring. 5 colours.


    457 Series Industrial Weatherproof Telephones IP66 UK

    Heavy Duty Phones

    457 Series Robust Metal Telephones. Colours: Yellow, Red, Orange, Grey, Black. Weatherproof - Vandal Proof has a new dual-function large keypad with volume keys and remote door open.  Auto fault-detection, internal relay repeater, remote monitoring.


    GPRs or Aluminium Emergency External Telephones with door. Industrial VoiP or analog phone

    Industrial Telephones 

    GRP 600 Series, We have a wide range of IP66 watertight telephones designed to exceed 20 years within uncompromising environments, certified to meet industry standards. These telephones withstand salt corrosion, ideal for Marine, Railways, Roadside locations.


    IP66 rated emergency telephone with door for Marine Ship Communications Intercoms. Waterproof emergency hotline

    Emergency Phones

    Red Emergency Hotline Telephones handset off hook auto dial. IP 66 weatherproof, vandal proof, analog or SIP VoIP versions. Fire voice evacuation phones automatically call the emergency services or control room. 8 sequence numbers auto dial.



    Point-to-Point Intercoms

    OCEAN Intercoms with no centralised governance. A wide range of OCEAN products easily integrated into one network, a comprehensive and cost-effective hard wired professional intercom solution for Cleanrooms, Ships, ATEX Zones, Food Production, Petro Chemical, Factories,...


    heavy duty Communications Waterproof and vandal proof phones Telephones

    Robust Call-Points

    Weather Resistant and Vandal Proof wall mounted call points. aluminium or stainless steel finish. Analog or VoIP with 1,2,4,8 buttons or full keypad. Pin activated relays, flush fit options available


    Emergency telephone UK and wall mount handfree telephone, IP66 weatherproof with aluminium casing

     Emergency Call Points

    487 Series Emergency Help Points - Help Points. 1, 2, 4 or 8 call button versions or full telephone keypad with 8 memories. Full-Duplex conversation in noisy areas (up to 95dB and more), with automatic fault-detection and remote monitoring.


    IP67 rating, clean room telephones, Sterile, Telephones and Intercoms. Version include analog, voip and point-to-point

    Clean Room Phones

     250 Series Sterile Area Telephones and Intercoms with IP67 rating. Plastic membrane keypad smooth Autotex┬« front plate WASHABLE and DECONTAMINABLE to ISO 14644-1 class 5 standards. Flush mount or surface mount box option for cleanrooms.


    ATEX Exposion Proof Telephone Intrinsically Safe

    ATEX Explosion Proof

    569 Series Intrinsically Safe Telephones ATEX 112GD Zones 1 - 2. Industrial grade with handsfree Intercom. 5 different colours. Robust and Reliable built to exceed 20 years operational life. Self auto test, Remote diagnostics monitoring


    TLS326 ATEX Mine Telephone Intrinsically Safe

    ATEX Telephone

    326 Series Handsfree ATEX Telephone Multi Point Voice Evacuation Intercom system. Full keypad, Loud Electronic Speaker / Sounder. Handsfree analogue telephone explosion proof ATEX I - M2. Single button intercom version.


    ATEX Flashing Beacons Telephone Ringers Sounders

    ATEX Beacons Ringers

    Series FEF - AP9C ATEX certified Flashing Beacons, Loudspeakers External Telephone Ringers / Repeaters. Explosion proof for Petrochemicals. Compatible with all standard analogue telephones / lines. ATEX  Loud Speaker.



    Intercom Systems

    Dedicated Intercom Systems. Smart cost-effective solutions for diverse industrial environments. Point-to-Points connections and Party-Line Systems with or without central governance and supportive of existing analogue connections


    ATEX Exposion Proof Telephone Intrinsically Safe

    Heavy Duty Desk

    TTA Series. Industrial desk telephones for control rooms with handsfree telephone. Gooseneck microphone intercom / tannoy option. IP 42 rated. Choice of 5 different colours: Red, orange, yellow, black, grey. Analogue or SIP VoIP.


    Taxi Rank Telephones Auto Dial Weatherproof

    Taxi Telephones

    Taxi Rank Telephones. A Specialist range of Taxi auto call telephones for the Public to call or for Taxi drivers to receive calls. Handset off hook autodial or Push button to call. PIN number secure access for drivers and VIP.  Internal and external use.


    SOS Emergency Telephones Help Point Towers Stands

    SOS Emergency

    SOS Emergency Call Points Push to call SOS emergency Help Point Telephones. High visibility towers and stands. GSM Solar Powered with battery back-up, SOS Illuminated signage. Full duplex noise cancelling and auto fault monitoring.


    Acoustic weatherproof noise cancelling vandal proof hoods and booths

    Acoustic Hoods

    Acoustic Booths and Hoods. A Specialist range of high visibility, noise cancelling and ATEX Certified acoustic hoods and booths. Constructed of heavy duty materials and designed to excel within the most challenging of environments.


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