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Telephone Post Mounts STAND 2

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outside telephone post stands high visiblity yellowWeatherproof telephones mounted on a post for city,rail, roadside use

The Stand-2 is a high strength telephone/ speaker phone post mount that allows a wide range of Koon IP rated waterproof telephones and speaker phones to be mounted at operator height.

Wiring can be run through the centre of the post providing maximum protection from the elements and vandals.

Attractive practical design, highly visible coated with bright fade free lacquered paint.

No wires no worries!! Off hook auto dial GSM phones with solar power and rechargeable battery versions.

Can be supplied with a telephone fitted please choose from our extensive range.
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    koon range of telephone mounting posts and towers  

Main Features

  • Attractive Ergonomic Designs
  • High visibility colours
  • Wired or Wireless Phones
  • Analogue, SIP VoIP, GSM
  • Can be supplied with telephones fitted
  • Choose from our extensive range
  • Solar Powered Recahargeable Batteries
All information and specifications on this site is subject to change without prior notice and  preliminary for  information only.


Public Zones, Cities, Parks, Trackside, Roadside, Stations, Airports, Shopping Malls, Marine, Hospitals, Universities, Factories, Industrials, Office Blocks and many more.

Please see Koon Technology web site for company information:

Please see Koon Technology web site for company information.

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