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KNZD 42 Electric Door Entry IP Intercom / Speaker Phone

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small arrowIntegrated RF ID Card Reader
small arrowVisitors can leave a recorded message
small arrowKeypad with DTMF
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small arrowSingle Button Speed Dial
small arrowPass Code Electric Door Lock Opening

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Brochure & Specification

KNZD-42 Voice Door Phone offers a full digital network and VoIP solution for the secure access control and monitoring of a building entrance. This advanced Door phone supports SIP 2.0 and operators of IMS platform guaranteeing easy customization for telecom operators and service providers.

Full 12 button DTMF Keypad with tough vandal resistant steel buttons with an additional press to call speed dial button. The built in microphone and loudspeaker with a high quality speech chip provides for clear handsfree 2 way speech.

Visitors can record a message e.g. "Dr James Called at 6pm will call back tomorrow". Recorded messages can be replayed via the SIP phone.

KNZD-42 Has been designed for many door entry access control applications for indoor and outdoor use and is weatherproof IP55 rated and is built for long term high reliability of operation..

Pass Code Door Open Access for electric door by contact closure or RFID swipe cards.

Typical users: Security Building Access Control, Hospitals, Universities, Sports Halls, Government, Airports, Transportation, Offices, Control Rooms, Car Parks, Housing, Care Homes, Factories, Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals....

Certified for use by:

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Main Features

  • Compatibility supports SIP 2.0 and operators of IMS
  • Single button push to call button
  • 12 Button Keypad
  • Full duplex hands-free Speaker-phone
  • Electric door lock control by contact closure
  • Flexible Un- Lock Passwords
  • RFID card and DTMF Switch Door Access Control
  • Holding/waiting 3 ways call/conference
  • Easy installation to existing LAN
  • Visitors can leave a message
  • Playback message through the SIP phone
  • Multi Party Conference Call
  • Carrier Standard Voice
  • Simple maintenance support online software upgrades and web management
  • Ingress Protection IP53 against dust, water, and mechanical damage

All information and specifications on this site is subject to change without prior notice and should be considered as "preliminary" only.

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