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Off Hook Auto Dial Telephone KNZD 28

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Brochure & Specification
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KNZD-28:Off hook auto dial emergency telephone, as soon as you pick up handset the phone will put through. An internal keypad allows you to easily program the phone number to auto dial.

Tough industrial grade telephone can be supplied as a standard keypad telephone too.

This emergency phone can be used as a hot line telephone and is available in red and can be a desk mounted or wall mounted emergency phone.

Vandal and tamper resistant in a tough steel enclosure with armoured stainless steel cables, rust proof sprayed and lacquered. High durability to oil, acid, alkali conforms to GJB-773 and UL1332 standards.

KNZD 28 meets the latest European / UK standards for EMC telephony, waterproofing and lightening protection offering a high level of performance and reliability.

Main Features

  • Off hook auto dial programmed number
  • Flashing LED indication of ringing
  • Can be supplies with keypad for standard telephone use
  • Analogue or SIP VoIP versions
  • Hot line exchange system support
  • DTMF dial tones
  • Compatible with most PBAX PBX, PAX and IP
  • Robust steel body rust proof sprayed and lacquered
  • Armoured stainless steel waterproof cables
  • Resistant to oil, acid, alkali, conforms to GJB-773 and UL1332 standards
  • Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable 7 minute time out to release the line if phone left off hook
  • Handset made of special engineered plastic, anti knock resistant, high tensile strength
  • Kirk electro dynamic transducer for both handset transmitter and receiver
  • Self test integrity check if phone is operational
  • Service temperature range from: -30 deg C to +60 deg C
  • Telephone line powered. ┬áNo external power or battery back up required
  • Hearing Aid compatible receiver inductive loop fitted
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Weatherproof IP65
  • EMC: EN55022 / EN55024/ Railway application electromagnetic compatibility EN50121-3-2:2006 CE Mark FCC
All information and specifications on this site is subject to change without prior notice and should be considered as "preliminary" only.

Koon KNZD 28 Off Hook Auto Dial Emergency Telephone UK


Oil, Gas, Control Rooms, Chemicals, Industrial, Construction, Railway Stations, Metro Underground, Airports, Ship, Ferry Terminals, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Industry and Commerce, Public Safety, Public Help Point, Security, Office Block, Housing Block, Universities, and many more.

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